spy_movie_poster_1By avoiding building the comedy around the ineptitude of new-in-the-field agent Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, The Heat), Spy is, at times, extremely funny. Who cares if it’s a long way from originality (Bond films are essentially the recycling of, what, three or four storylines?).

It’s fast and furious as we charge round Paris, Rome and Budapest to stop the sale of a mobile nuclear bomb (as I said, it’s hardly original) with agents and double agents popping up all over the shop.

McCarthy is a joy and ably supported by names such as Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne. But it’s also a film where lesser known names (in film, at least) but recognisable faces are given prominence  – Alison Janny (Juno, The Help) and Miranda Hart (The Infidel) in particular.

Spy is pure, daft unadulterated entertainment and is the perfect CIA companion to the recent MI5 Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Rating: 70%


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