‘Spooks: the Greater Good’ (‘MI-5’)

spooks_the_greater_good_xlgBased on the hugely popular BBC spy series Spooks (MI-5 in the US), the problem with Spooks; the Greater Good for its fans is that it is a little too removed from where the series ended four years ago.

The Thames House office is highly populated and overflowing with technology: few central characters remain – with the exception of head of department Harry Pearce (now Sir Harry) and his colleague and nemesis, Oliver Mace.

The good news is that it’s an enjoyable if hardly challenging spy thriller involving dastardly corruption and treason. Played by Peter Firth (Equus, Pearl Harbor), Harry is as immovable and right as ever; no matter how much you wish for it, the arrogant Mace (perfectly played by Tim McInnerney – Johnny English Reborn, 101 Dalmatians) is never the villain and Game of Thrones Jon Snow,  Kit Harrington gives a solid, respectable performance without coming close to shaking or even stirring a Bond dry martini.

Screened at part of the British Film Festival.

Rating: 57%


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