Best of Year – Male Performance

Eddie-Redmayne-transformed-Stephen-Hawking-set-Theory-225x300It’s end of year round up time!

So, my starting point for the year round up is best male performance of 2015 (remembering it’s based on the release of films in Australia).

5. Michael Keaton: Birdman
4. Aleksey Serebryakov: Leviathan
3. Jake Gyllenhaal: Southpaw
2. Viggo Mortensen: Far From Men
1. Eddie Redmayne: The Theory of Everything

The number five spot could equally have been nabbed by Steve Carell in Foxcatcher or David Oyelowo (Selma) but Michael Keaton it is. Serebryakov and Mortensen both provided intense but quiet dignity to their respective films whilst Gyllenhaal was stunning in the melodrama that was Southpaw. 

But it was last year’s Oscar winner that carried the performance of the year for me – a second showing highlighted how extraordinary Eddie Redmayne was as Stephen Hawking. (Sadly, watching The Theory of Everything for a second time highlighted the film’s weaknesses.)



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