‘The Big Short’

7fad57927b8edee2b17272e0b820522bc5669c7aThe financial meltdown of the American banks a few years ago with the bursting of the mortgage bubble hardly sounds like a riveting subject for a feature film. But with its focus on key individuals who foresaw the looming crisis, The Big Short makes a surprisingly entertaining and enlightening drama.

Adapting Michael Lewis’ book for the screen, Charles Randolph (Love & Other Drugs, The Interpreter) and Adam McKay (who also directed) have created a readily-accessible, darkly funny, conspiracy-theory feature which sets out not only to infuriate (the culpability of the banks is a disgrace) but to explain financial terms that are bandied around to purposely obfuscate.

A great cast get to grips with real characters with Steve Carell (Foxcatcher, The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, The Fighter) stand outs. And with its five Oscar noms, including best film and best adapted screenplay, it could be something of a dark horse in the race for glory.

Rating: 72%


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