room-2015With the screenplay adapted by Emma Donaghue, the author of the best selling novel, Room was always likely to follow pretty closely the outline of the book. What surprised me was that, in many ways, its actually better.

The story of the bonding between mother and child (and not just Ma and Jack), Room is a film of two halves. The initial claustrophobic enforced captivity is followed by the world at large as seen through the eyes of five year-old Jack.

Structurally, the reworking has paid dividends – a key cinematic event takes place much later than in the book, which makes much more sense. But it’s the performances that are the standout – Brie Larson (Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now) is exemplary and as a result likely to pick up the best actress Oscar. And, as Jack,  nine year-old Jacob Tremblay is astonishing.

Rating: 71%


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