’10 Cloverfield Lane’

10cl_poster10 Cloverfield Lane is somewhat confused as to what its meant to be.

As a taut psychological thriller with three people trapped in a (well-stocked) subterranean bunker, the tension verges on palpable. But for it to truly succeed, that tension needs to be considerably ramped up.

Horror? Sci-fi? A too early reveal indicates where we’re going (and undermines that potential potboiler), with the ending a soft soap explanation that we could have done without.

It’s entertaining enough from debut director Dan Trachtenberg, with John Goodman (Argo, The Big Lebowski) obviously enjoying himself as the man whose motives we’re not quite sure about. But it does leave you wondering just what it could have been with three people, a bunker and a vat of acid.

Rating: 50%


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