v1.bTsxMTIwMjg5NjtqOzE3MDE1OzIwNDg7NTc4Mzs4NDQ4A single shot conceit – no cuts, no editing – filmed at night and early dawn light puts this German film out there, technically. It may be a stunt but other than an overly-long ‘first half’, it’s a captivating experience.

An impressive Laia Costa (Palm Trees in the Snow) finds herself in bad company in Berlin, the result of some idle flirtation. The chemistry between Costa and Frederick Lau (The King’s Surrender, The Wave) is palpable, the first half of the film focusing on their evolving ‘relationship’. The pace changes noticeably as the night draws on and business needs to be seen to.

Energy and interest may pall before the end, but through its differences, it’s not surprising it won a swag of awards at the 2015 German Film Awards, including best film, best director and best actress/actor.

Rating: 66%


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