‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Marvel #14)


The singular super hero Marvel Comics films are becoming more and more Avengers, less and less the named superhero. As time evolves, so no narrative featuring Captain America or Thor or Iron Man would be complete without other members of the team.

But that team is now seriously threatened – externally and internally following the destructive mess that was Segovia and The Age of Ultron. The world has turned on the Avengers. And now they’re turning on themselves. Tony Starck (Robert Downey Jnr) carries enough guilt as a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction. The horrors of Segovia have tipped him over the edge: he’s in agreement with the World Security Council (as is Black Widow) for the superheroes to be reigned in. This puts him at serious odds with Captain America who believes the Avengers needs to be independent. There are still threats out there. And along comes Zemo (Daniel Bruhl  – Rush, The Zookeeper’s Wife) to prove the point.

With the Avengers as we know them divided, this is the time to see a few new names rear their heads including Ant-Man, the introduction of the latest Spiderman (a welcomely humorous Tom Holland – The Impossible, In the Heart of the Sea) and the Black Panther (Chadwick Bozeman – Get on Up, Marshall). And whilst it’s refreshing to see them, pity the material wasn’t just a little more engaging.

Rating: 57%

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