an-sweet-red-bean-paste-posterA sweet confection of a film turns on its emotional head at the half way mark, providing a quietly moving finale that may be obvious but is no less powerful.

Veteran actress Kirin Kiri (Still Walking, Mom and Me and Sometimes Dad) is a quirky delight as Tokue, desperate to work at the corner dorayaki (a pancake-like snack) house to make her home made an (red bean paste) and revive the fortunes of down-at-heel chef, the cynical Sentaro. A gentle, believable friendship develops between the two.

An is a quiet, gently nuanced film where, from an ‘action’ perspective, little happens. But the dignified performances and a simple, unfolding storyline makes this modest film look to the detail of life rather than broad brushstrokes.

Rating: 69%


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