‘Green Room’

24294961211_b5cd5a9465_oWitnessing a murder at the remote forest headquarters of a neo-Nazi group is not the best part of the day for a touring rock band. Cue a gruesome, over-the-top thriller as the four plus one try to stay one step ahead of the game and stay out of the reach of the skinheads and their dogs.

In spite of its premise, there’s a great deal of dark humour from director Jeremy Salnier (Blue Ruin, Murder Party) amidst the midnight-screening style splatterfest.

But Green Room also works against its genre – crisp dialogue, well paced and with fully rounded performances. Anton Yeltsin (Star Trek, Fright Night) and, against type, an excellent Imogen Poots (She’s Funny That Way, Filth) are stand outs.

Rating: 65%


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