‘Miles Ahead’

miles-ahead-posterA somewhat erratic, non-traditional biopic of the legendary music maker, Miles Davis.

Miles Ahead is unquestionably a labour of love for Don Cheadle (Crash, Iron Man) – not only is he a superb lead, Cheadle also directed, produced and co-wrote the screenplay! And it plays some serious respect to the music – the soundtrack is totally sublime.

But, set in the 1970s when Davis had taken a five year hiatus from recording, a fictional interview with a Rolling Stone journalist (an unconvincing Ewan McGregor –  Star Wars II & III)  leading to a less-than-successful heist subplot results in an uneven, messy film. Occasional flashbacks adds substance and Miles Ahead certainly has its moments. But its music that’s the winner here.

Rating: 58%


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