‘Deepwater Horizon’

deepwater_horizon_ver10A templated disaster movie – the dramatisation of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig in 2010 that resulted in the worst oil spill in US history. Eleven men lost their lives.

Director Peter Berg (Hancock, Lone Survivor) efficiently cuts to the chase in introducing the human interest – family man Mark Wahlberg (Lone Survivor, The Departed) and wife Kate Hudson (Almost Famous, Rock the Kasbah) – before we head off to the scene of the disaster.

Berg choses to go back to the basics of an action film – the confusion is well captured (there’s times when it’s not clear what’s going on), tension is palpable. John Malkovich (Red, Dangerous Liaisons) wins no favours as the British Petroleum company man putting time and money ahead of safety and goes head to head with rig chief Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight, Backdraft) and Wahlberg. The amazing thing is so many survived.

Rating: 54%


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