‘A United Kingdom’

a-united-kingdom-new-posterWhilst A United Kingdom may not be pushing the boundaries of contemporary cinema – and its certainly a little clunky in parts – the beauty of director Amma Asante’s (Belle, A Way of Life) heartfelt feature is that it reaffirms the value of film as an informative entertainment.

Post World War II and Prince Seretse Khama of Botswana, studying in London, causes international outrage when he marries an English (white) woman. His ascendancy to the throne coincides with neighbouring South Africa bringing its apartheid policies into force.With Botswana under the historical ‘protectorship’ of the UK, both Labour and Tory governments in Britain will stop at nothing to keep its relationship with South Africa (and its gold) on positive terms.

British foreign and colonial policy at its malodorous worst (a splendidly vile Jack Davenport – Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingsman: the Secret Service – is the (fictional) British representative to southern Africa) yet the true love story between Prince Seretse (a solid performance from David Oyelowo – Selma, The Butler) and Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl, An Education) overcomes all.

Rating: 63%


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