‘Enola Holmes’

Home-schooled Eudoria Holmes-style and teen sister of Sherlock and the pompous Mycroft (Sam Claflin – The Corrupted, The Hunger Games), it’s guaranteed Enola Holmes will not take to a 19th century Finishing School for Young Ladies.

So when Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter – Ocean’s 8, Sweeney Todd) disappears, it’s Enola (Millie Bobby Brown – TV’s Stranger Things) who follows the trail to London. Women’s suffrage and social movement for change are on the agenda as Enola cuts a swathe through petty criminals and conspirators alike. Famed brother Sherlock (Henry Cavill – Man of Steel, Sand Castle), meanwhile, is left for dust.

It’s witty if somewhat vanilla and safe from director Harry Bradbeer (TV’s Fleabag, Prisoners Wives). Adapted from the novel by Nancy Springer, the underlying feminist message is trumpeted loud and clear in the spirited adventure yarn that is Enola Holmes. An ideal family film – with more possibly to come?

A Netflix original.

Rating: 54%


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