‘Separate Tables’

A compendium of separate and interrelated tales as a genteel English seaside hotel for long term guests becomes the setting for a film that gained a surprising number of Oscar wins and nominations.

Stars abound as Rita Hayworth confronts ex-husband, Burt Lancaster; a neurotic Ingrid Bergman must deal with her overbearing mother, Gladys Cooper, and attraction to the colonel, David Niven; as manager, Wendy Hiller needs to oversee the smooth running of the hotel.

Adapted from the Terence Rattigan stage play, director Delbert Mann (Marty, That Touch of Mink) marshalls his cast succintly in the exploration of loneliness, but Separate Tables is little more than melodramatic soap opera. Pleasant enough in its watching but instantly forgettable.

Nominated for 7 Oscars in 1959 including best film, actress (Ingrid Bergman), adapted screenplay, won 2 (best actor – David Niven – and supporting actress – Wendy Hiller).

Rating: 53%


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