Set close to the Romanian/Hungarian border, Marian Crisan’s feature film debut won a whole slew of awards at film festivals around the world (including Thessaloniki, Locarno and Buenos Aires).

It’s a quiet, vaguely humourous take on a serious subject – illegal immigration. Living an almost primitive life on his farm with no running water or electricity, Nelu (András Hatházi – Orizont, The Inventor) and wife Florica (Elvira Rimbu) barely eke out a living. The farm has such poor returns Nelu works full time as a security guard at the town’s supermarket. He’s bored with everything around him. The arrival of Behran (Yilmaz Yalçin – The Woman of My Life) – a Turk desparate to reach Germany – changes all that. Neither men understand a word of each other’s language – yet Nelu determines to help the stranger.

To emphasise the alien nature of the relationship between the two men, Behran remains ‘unsubtitled’ throughout yet the two men achieve a friendship and understanding. So much so, the Turk seems in no particular hurry to leave the safety of his cellar.

Morgen is a light yet barbed commentary on boundaries and borders – but it is ultimately a tale of friendship and common bonds that unite.

Rating: 68%


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