‘What’s Your Number?’

A slightly above-average rom-com as Ally Darling (Anna Faris – The House Bunny, Brokeback Mountain) discovers that 20 is the maximum number of men she should have sex with before marrying – and she’s already reached 19. As she looks to her list of exes to see if one of them is her true love, so musician neighbour Colin (Chris Evans – Captain America, Knives Out) helps in the research (the list includes early Chris Pratt and Zachary Quinto roles!).

A tad risque for an American rom-com, Ally and Colin dredge up the men and off she goes to check them out. But in spite of the perfect (wealthy) match that brings much joy to mom (Blythe Danner – Meet the Parents, Little Fockers), it’s pretty obvious where this particular narrative is heading.

Director Mark Mylod (TV’s Entourage, Shameless) keeps the pace brisk and a laid back Evans is good eye candy to Feris’ manic quest. Formulaic it may be but its slight, crude edginess and discrete nudity steers the adaptation of the best selling novel from dull, whimsical vanilla.

Rating: 44%

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