A quiet, nuanced tale as teenage Ari (Atli Oskar Fjalarsson – The Midnight Sky, Jitters) is sent from Reykjavik to live with his alcoholic father (Ingvar Sigurdsson – Everest, TV’s Katla) in the remote fishing village of his early childhood. Remarried, his mother is leaving Iceland for Africa.

Atmospheric in its raw beauty, Iceland’s stunning landscape plays an important role in the everyday of Ari, now working in the fish processing factory. Seen as the outsider, the teenager struggles as parental conflict, boredom and schoolday baggage come to a head in a graphically harrowing scene in the insular town.

An adolescent rights of passage, Sparrows (written and directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson – Echo, Volcano) is a poignant tale of abandonment, need, acceptance and love.

Rating: 69%


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