A moment in the zeitgeist, a slice of the now projected into the immediate future as LA is closed down due continuing breakouts of COVID variants.

Courier Nico (K.J.Apa – The Hate U Give, TV’s Riverdale), immune to the virus (an all-important yellow wrist band so signifies), weaves his way through the barricades and military checkpoints of marshall law. His clients are primarily wealthy living in the hills – including Piper Griffin (Demi Moore – Margin Call, Ghost). She and husband William (Bradley Whitford – Get Out, TV’s The Handmaid’s Tale) make money on the side selling illegal yellow wrist bands to those who can afford them. Nico suddenly finds himself needing their services when live-in grandma of girlfriend Sara (Sofia Carson – Astbury Park, Feel the Beat) contracts the virus.

It’s hip, it’s snappy with director Adam Mason (Junkie, Hangman) rarely lingering on a given moment. But Songbird is overly contrived and too gimmicky.

Rating: 35%


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