‘The Hunt’

Intense in its exploration of accusations of child sexual abuse, The Hunt sees the camaraderie and lives of a group of friends shattered by an innocent lie.

Coming to terms with divorce, loss of custody of his teenage son and with the local school having recently closed, former teacher Lucas (an extraordinary Mads Mikkelsen – Another Round, A Royal Affair) finds himself working at the kindergarten. A young, impressionable Klara accuses Lucas of abuse. A close-knit friendship group (Klara is the daughter of best friend Thomas Bo Larsen – Another Round, Festen) implodes and the town is swift in its condemnation.

A deep psychological thriller, Lucas fights to clear his name. It’s an almost impossible task – Klara herself tries to admit her lie but her parents refuse to accept a change in the story. With the innocence of Lucas known to the audience, Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt is a devastatingly hard watch. But the townsfolk with their vigilante-like attitude are not party to that knowledge….

Nominated for the best foreign language Oscar in 2014.

Rating: 91%


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