‘The Colony’

War, climate change and pandemics made Earth uninhabitable. The wealthy escaped to settle on the distant planet of Kelper 209. But infertility has resulted in the need to explore whether a return is possible. Contact with the first mission was lost: Ulysses 2 is damaged but Blake (Nora Arnezeder – Safe House, The Words) finds herself having to make the decision that will impact on the future of the people living almost hand to mouth on Earth.

A wet, fog-enshrouded wasteland initially appears unwelcoming, confirmed by the basic instincts of the almost tribal inhabitants. Hunters and gatherers, they live in fear of another settlement whose raids see the kidnapping of female children. As Blake follows the trail, a few too many revelations are revealed.

A claustrophobic, environmental science fiction aesthetic bodes well for director Tim Fehlbaum (Hell). But the multiplicity of narratives and muddied visuals eventually prove to be as alienating as Blake is to the locals.

Rating: 44%

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