‘Senior Year’

When a cheerleading stunt is engineered to go wrong, potential prom queen Stephanie (Angourie Rice – Ladies in Black, Spider-Man: Far From Home) is rushed to hospital. She wakes up from a coma 20 years later. An older Steph (Rebel Wilson – Jojo Rabbit, Pitch Perfect) is determined to finish year 12 – and achieve her prom queen dream.

It’s all throwaway fun with a wholly predictable narrative as Steph finds her best friend (Mary Holland – Happiest Season, The Package) is the Principal of the school and the daughter of her arch-nemesis is the most popular girl. And if that’s not enough, with social politics having changed – no prom king and queen! Steph is out to turn back the clock.

Love her or hate her, Wilson provides her trademark anchor mix of sass and crudity. Spikier adult humour and language steers Senior Year away from the more traditional high school teenage films (there’s even a cameo from Alicia Silverstone – Clueless) resulting in a chaotic, tonally messy feature. But whilst forgettable, it’s not the worst way of spending two hours with a film that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Rating: 50%


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