‘The Falcon & the Winter Soldier’

Post Avengers/Endgame, Sam Wilson/The Falcon and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier team up – with Marvel diehards hating the scaling down to a TV miniseries. Ironically, the medium works perfectly for character development as both leads receive substantial screentime.

Sam (Anthony Mackie) returns to Louisiana after five years having been one of the missing. His sister Sarah (Adepero Oduye) is struggling with the family fishing business. But any hope of a normal life is soon dashed as, for morale purposes, a new Captain America (Wyatt Russell) is announced – and he ain’t too bright. With the serum that helped create the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) suddenly found to be in circulation and in the hands of a militant global enviromentalist organisation, authorities need to act quickly.

As with all Marvel Comic storylines, reality is suspended as the Falcon finds himself back in service teaming up with Bucky – and clearing the mess created by the new Cap. The thrills and spills are somewhat predictable, but what distinguishes this particular entry into the Marvel canon is the social issues it addresses along with the sparring bromance between the two leads. Now further developments there would get those diehard fans crying out for a DC invasion….

Rating: 57%


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