‘The Pigeon’

A gentle, nuanced film from first time director Banu Sivaci, The Pigeon is a bittersweet tale of choice and life in the margins as Yusuf struggles to relate to the world outside the rooftop terrace of his family home.

Set in Adana in southern Turkey, The Pigeon sees Yusuf (Kemal Burak Alper – You Know Him, TV’s Ariza) relate only to his pigeons, a passion inherited from his now-deceased grandfather. It’s something not understood by his older brother, who forces Yusuf into menial work to financially contribute to the household. But the more time spent away from the rooftops has its consequences.

Unassuming, with the boy’s affinity to his birds beautifully captured, The Pigeon is an understated parable of our time as Yusuf finds himself in a world he ultimately does not understand wanting to return to a world not understood by others.

Rating: 60%


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