‘By the Grace of God’

Intense in its engagement, three men confront their pasts and the sexual abuse they experienced at the hands of priest, Le père Bernard Preynat (Bernard Verley – The Phantom of Liberty, Love in the Afternoon).

Shocked to discover self-confessed paedophile Preynat continues to have contact with young boys, successful banker and family man Alexandre Guérin (Melvil Poupaud – Laurence Anyways, Time to Leave) looks to the Church to redress the situation. A slow reluctance by Le cardinal Barbarin (François Marthouret – Marquis, Port au Prince), head of the Catholic Church in Lyon, results in a wider awareness of Church culpability.

Highlighting the varying effects of abuse on survivors and their families and directed by François Ozon (Frantz, In the House), By the Grace of God is based on true events. Led by a politicised François Debord (Denis Ménochet – Custody, Inglourious Basterds), Guérin and Emmanuel Thomassin (Swann Arlaud –Bloody Milk, Lazare) question authority, family – and faith.

Rating: 71%

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