‘Fireworks Wednesday’

An early film from Iranian auteur Asghar Fahardi (A Separation, About Elly), Fireworks Wednesday is set on Chaharshanbeh Suri – the last Wednesday of the Persian year when tradition sees the country ablaze with fireworks and bonfires throughout the day.

On the first day of her new job as a cleaner, a bride-to-be Rouhi (Taraneh Alidoosti – Leila’s Brothers, About Elly) finds herself in the midst of a tense family drama as Mozhde and Morteza Samiei prepare for a vacation in Dubai. With Mozhde (Hediyeh Tehrani – Red, Orange Days) convinced husband Morteza (Hamid Farrokhnezhad – Major, Give Back) is having an affair with their neighbour, Rouhi must navigate her way through the intensity of emotions unfolding around her – and the chaos in the Samiei apartment itself.

It’s a gripping piece of storytelling as characters come and go adding to the narrative, leaving a wonderful Rouhi bemused and completely baffled.

Rating: 77%


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