‘Hotel Artemis’

A dystopian, riot torn Los Angeles a few years hence. Run by the agoraphobic Nurse, the Hotel Artemis is a discrete members-only medical emergency facility. But clientele is restricted to those avoiding questions about their gunshot wounds.

Claustrophobic and shot in an autumnal palette, it’s a busy night for Nurse (Jodie Foster – Taxi Driver, Panic Room). Tensions are high as the Artemis boss, Niagara (Jeff Goldblum – Thor: Ragnarok, The Fly) finds himself a patient in his own facility – and with a possible contract on him. Nurse needs more than her medical skills to keep the peace.

Stylishly gritty, written and directed by Drew Pearce, snappy dialogue abounds as Nurse spars with the likes of patients Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown – The Rhythm Section, TV’s This Is Us) and Nice (Sofia Boutella – Kingsman: The Secret Service, Atomic Blonde). But it’s all a little underwhelming and unfocused – the sheer number of subplots result in a staccato narrative of short stories rather than the cohesive flow of a novel.

Rating: 58%


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