A heist with a difference – and 24 years in the planning following the arrest and imprisonment of safe-cracker Leo Pap.

Told in eight parts, Kaleidoscope allows the viewer to watch in which ever colour-coded episode we so choose, each centring around a specific time frame within those 24 years. Inevitably, there are significantly more of the episodes devoted to the time immediately before and after the heist. With the earlier working title of Jigsaw, Kaleidoscope is inspired by the true story where $70 billion in bonds went missing in downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

With Leo (Giancarlo Esposito) looking to retire from the business to focus on his family, he agrees one last job with long-term partner, the smooth-talking Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell). Of course, it goes wrong – and its Leo who gets caught. So the genesis to wonderfully convoluted plan of revenge is laid that, over the next 24 years, provides a determination and sense of purpose for Leo on escaping 17 years after sentencing. And Salas – now a seemingly respectable businessman providing the ultimate in technological security in underground deposit boxes and safes – is firmly in the firing line.

The earlier (in terms of time in the narrative) episodes provide background – four or five episodes provide the buzz of preparation which includes a highly choreographed diamond heist to help pay for the real thing. But, importantly, time is taken on (most of) the characters involved and their loyalties (or lack of it) to each other. Along with funding and security (high flying lawyer and fence Paz Mercer), former cellmate (Peter Mark Kendall) and knowledge of science (Rosaline Elbay), the security requires pinpoint technological expertise – but also, in Bob Goodwin (a loud and ridiculous Aussie trope by Jai Courtney), old fashioned safe-cracking skills.

Expect stories within stories, subplots within subplots, betrayals within betrayals as, whilst overextended and stodgy soap opera on occasions in its eight episodes, plans inevitably do not go as intended. The target is dodgy money – owned by dodgy characters. And they will do anything to protect that money. As will Salas. It’s a fun ride, whichever narrative order you chose to watch.

Rating: 64%


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