‘The Silence’

Following a cochlear implant, 18 year-old Amelia (Genevieve Barr), an only child, struggles to integrate into a hearing world. Encouraged to spend time in Bristol with her boisterous family of cousins, Amelia witnesses a murder whilst walking the family dog.

The Silence is a multitude of twists and engaging plot lines. Too scared to initially say anything, Amelia compromises her family – the career-driven detective put in charge of the case is none other than her uncle, DI Jim Edwards (Douglas Henshall). With the victim a police detective and an indication that police corruption may be at play, Amelia needs to be protected. A witness is suspected but the identity unknown – persuaded by his wife Maggie (Dervla Kirwan), Jim reluctantly puts his career on the line to keep it that way.

It’s a suspenseful four part miniseries as the level of corruption within the Bristol Drug Squad becomes increasingly apparent and with it the very real threat to both Jim and Amelia. As teenage family members become embroiled, so Jim becomes desperate to safeguard his family – and reveal the truth.

Rating: 62%

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