‘Alice, Darling’

A surprisingly divisive feature as Alice, trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship, is the unwitting participant in an intervention by her two closest friends.

A hip Manhattan couple, Alice (Anna Kendrick – Cake, Up in the Air) and artist Simon (Charlie Carrick – TV’s Departure, Hidden Assets) seem to have it all. But his deep insecurities and uncertainties place intense emotional pressure on Alice – so much so, she begins to drift away from her closest friends. With Sophie (Wunmi Mosaku – TV’s We Own This City, Lovecraft Country) organising a week away at her parents’ lakeside home in upstate New York, Alice lies in order to accompany Sophie and Tess (Kaniehtiio Horn – TV’s Letterkenny, Ghost BFF).

Understated and nuanced, Alice Darling, directed by Mary Nighy in her feature film debut, is a narrative of the unspoken, one in which the central menace is predominantly offscreen. Kendrick is excellent, but so is the beautifully crafted bond of friendship between the three women and the tacit acknowledgements between Sophie and Tess of the struggles to come.

Rating: 71%


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