Not having the imagination to sit and write a (best-selling of course) novel has left me with a degree of frustration. Sure, I have spent many years off-setting this by ghost-writing autobiographies, copywriting, editing and¬†numerous published articles in newspapers and magazines. But now I fancied challenging myself to do a bit more and start to critique the many books I constantly read. It also helps me to remember! The older I get the more vague my recollection of plot or character development becomes – writing it down helps. And it also help (possibly) avoid the realisation that the latest book you are halfway through is one that you have already read (that has, thankfully happened just the once – and I blame the paucity of ideas in the book, not me! But then I would – it’s safer that way).

But I do not want to limit myself to books. Much of that writing in the past (and present) is linked to film – and I see a great number of films, both ‘arthouse’ and ‘commercial’. So this blog will see a mix of the two (and maybe a few other ‘opinions’).


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