‘Spanish Affair’

spanish_affair_poster_internacional_de_ocho_apellidos_vascosHardly original. First came Welcome to the Sticks back in 2008 which became the biggest locally produced film in history at the French box-office. The formula was quickly transferred to Italy and Welcome to the South also translated into mega box-office (as well as a successful sequel, Welcome to the North). Not to be left behind, Spain and Spanish Affair wracked up the country’s most successful local film in history.

In Spanish Affair, the ‘north’ is represented by the tough, separatist Basques of Bilbao who speak a wholly different Spanish to, according to the Basques, the fey Andalusians of Sevilla. So a love affair between the Real Betis supporting, flamenco loving Rafa and Amaia is totally out of the question – particularly to the independent, recently jilted-at-the-aisle Amaia. Result – a string of misunderstandings, misconceptions and lightweight stereotypes. It has its charm and occasional moments of humour but generally Spanish Affair is just a little too corny and stereotypical.

Rating: 45%


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