‘Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict’

1436386389574Directed by Lisa Imordino Vreeland (Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel), this is a hugely disappointing documentary and a wasted opportunity.

Peggy’s story is extraordinary. A “poor member” of the wealthy finance family (her father  went down with the Titanic), in striking out to be independent she became one of the most important patrons of the arts of the 20th century. Peggy mixed with both European and American artists, collected their work and even married, briefly, two of them –  Laurence Vail and Max Ernst. But she also had a number of affairs to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite. Towards the end of her life, to protect her art collection, Peggy signed it over to her uncle’s foundation, the Samuel R Guggenheim Foundation. It is the Foundation who now cares for the museum established in her name in her former palazzo in Venice.


The genesis of this weak documentary is the discovery of tapes long believed lost of the last interview with Peggy Guggenheim. Cue documentary, cue superficial treatment that is neither informative of her role in the development of 20th century art nor a racy expose of those affairs.

It simply falls boringly and indulgently flat.

Rating: 30%


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