‘The Daughter’

The_Daughter_(2015_film)_POSTERBased on Ibsen’s stage play, The Wild Duck, writer/director Simon Stone’s The Daughter is a brooding, authentic family drama littered with unpleasant personalities – the father/son duo of Geoffrey Rush (Shine, The King’s Speech) and Paul Schneider (Water For Elephants, Bright Star) in particular.

It’s a dour affair as Schneider returns to the rural New South Wales logging town from a self-imposed exile in the US following his mother’s suicide. Family secrets he reveals turn friendships upside down.

The Daughter is powerfully performed, with a bevy of local Australian actors at their best – but it’s Ewen Leslie (Jewboy, The Railway Man) who is mesmerising. It’ll undoubtedly feature in end-of-year award nominations.

Rating: 69%


One thought on “‘The Daughter’

  1. CineMuse May 7, 2016 / 8:56 am

    Great review thank you. I’m surprised how little critical acclaim the film has received. Its a fine theatrical adaptation, well acted, with great tension lines from beginning to end. Drop in for a read of my take.


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