‘Money Monster’

COL_BILL_TEMPLATE_21Conspiracies dealing with corporate financial malfeasance are a mainstay of film going (The Big Short, Margin Call immediately spring to mind). But instead of hitting the 72nd floor of some Wall Street investment bank, director Jodie Foster (The Beaver, Little Man Tate) takes us into a TV studio where live footage of the little man taking a hostage is beamed across the country.

Jack O’Connell (’71, Broken) is pissed – he’s lost his $60k life savings. And he blames, in part, financial TV host George Clooney (Syriana, Michael Clayton). A cat and mouse game ensues but it all becomes a little too familiar and predictable.

There’s nothing new – and there’s no real sting, but Money Monster still keeps you hooked in its amiable, efficient telling of its tale.

Rating: 61% 


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