‘The Circus’

A delightful, full-length, silent, black and white feature from Charlie Chaplin – the master of non-verbal slapstick communication and entertainment.

As The Tramp, Chaplin is mistakenly believed to be a pickpocket. Chased into the ring of an ailing circus, the antics of clown and police bring the house down. A job is reluctantly offered and romance follows (Merna Kennedy).

But with most Chaplin silent films, short or feature length, it’s not the narrative so much the excuse for a series of hilarious antics. Whilst being chased, the hall of mirrors and disappearing person magic trick scenes are true landmarks of slapstick. The Circus is Chaplin through and through – he stars, directs, produces and even sings the title song!

Presented with a special Oscar at the first ever ceremony in 1929 for versatility and genius in acting, writing and producing.

Rating: 80%


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