‘I Love You, Man’

Buddy-buddy tale as likeable Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd – Ant-Man, Dinner For Schmucks) realises that he does not have any close male friends. And with his wedding to Zooey (Rashida Jones – Tag, TV’s Parks & Recreation) fast approaching, Klaven needs a best man.

His quest is not as easy as he hoped – until a bond with laid-back investment banker Sydney Fife (Jason Segel – Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Five-Year Engagement). But how much can Zooey take of this new friendship/bromance?

It’s low brow and all something of a lark – and subverts the rom-com staple of meet-love-plan life together-break up-make up into a narrative of the highs and lows of friendship. It is occasionally very funny, but director John Hamburg (Why Him? Along Came Polly) simply goes with the flow with a formulaic comedy that, with a few too many cringeworthy moments, unfortunately outstays its welcome.

Rating: 40%

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