‘Queen of Hearts’

With formidable and ever-growing tension, writer/director May el-Toukhy (Long Story Short, TV’s The Legacy) reveals the hypocrisy and manipulation within the homelife of a comfortable Danish family.

An idyllic home surrounded by woodland, happily married with twin daughters to Peter (Magnus Krepper – A Cure For Wellness, The Girl Who Played With Fire) and success as a lawyer specialising in domestic abuse. Anne (an extraordinarily nuanced and award-winning performance from Trine Dyrholm – The Commune, In a Better World) seems to have the perfect life. But the arrival of troubled 16 year-old stepson Gustav (Gustav Lindh – Riders of Justice, Orca) and the bond the two unexpectedly form threatens the stability of family.

Shot almost exclusively in the stark, contemporary home, Queen of Hearts is a slow, controlled unfolding, moment by moment of entitlement and abuse of power and position as Anne and Gustav find themselves on a path of no return and a way forward that will have devastating consequences.

Rating: 71%


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