‘News of the World’

Sweeping vistas across the plains of Texas as Civil War veteran Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks – Philadelphia, Greyhound) finds himself agreeing to deliver a 10 year-old orphaned Johanna (Helena Zengel – System Crasher, Dark Blue Girl) to her remaining family 400 miles away.

Kidnapped years earlier by the Kiawa and raised as one of their own, unable to speak English or her native German, a reluctant Johanna finds herself in the company of Kidd. A man himself unable to face the notion of home back in San Antonio, instead the former newspaper publisher finds himself as a peripatetic news reader. Travelling from town to town, he brings news to the isolated communities of Texas. As the two cross the unforgiving wilderness, so a bond is formed as they come to an unexpected understanding.

Gloriously shot (cinematographer Dariusz Wolski – Pirates of the Caribbean, The Martian), News of the World is a warm-hearted story well told (director Paul Greengrass – United 93, Captain Phillips). But it’s strangely uninvolving and ultimately emotionally tepid.

Nominated for 4 Oscars in 2021 including best cinematography and production design.

Rating: 58%


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