Quirky cerebral time-travel narrative, temporal agent Ethan Hawke (Boyhood, Training Day), on his last assignment, is tasked to pursue the one criminal who has eluded him.

Restricted time movement of fifty years or so results in a generational interchange as Hawke finds himself involved in coming and going in a series of intricate, intimate dramas. The excellent Sarah Snook (The Dressmaker, Pieces of a Woman) is central to the interrelated narratives as Hawke continues to search for answers as to the identity of the ‘fizz bomber’. Unit boss Noah Taylor (Lawless, Shine) simply watches and points in the right (or maybe wrong) direction.

Directors Michael & Peter Spierig (Winchester, Daybreakers) create a quiet, understated, contemplative sci-fi drama, the antithesis of most big-budget time travel features. It’ll keep you engaged and guessing.

Rating: 64%

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