Described as a science-fiction Lord of the Flies, a crew of 30 young people are sent to colonise a habitable planet light years away as Earth becomes uninhabitable. A product of IVF and isolation upbringing in preparation for an 86 year journey, the 30 are only too aware they will not survive the flight. It is their descendants who are destined to create a new world.

Within the claustrophobic environment of the ship, power struggles develop between the two young alpha males, resulting in the senior program commander Richard (Colin Farrell – In Bruges, The Lobster) being killed. Now alone with no guidance, divided into two camps, the mission is compromised.

In its drift of a narrative, Voyagers meanders through space. Writer/director Neil Burger (Divergent, The Upside) creates a visually elegant but emotionally anodyne feature. With an insufficiently threatening bad boy in Zac (Fionn Whitehead – Dunkirk, The Children Act), a lack of contrast between him and Chris (Tye Sheridan – Ready Player One, Mud) undermines the potential struggles of rebellion and sexual awakening.

Rating: 40%


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