The vast, barren Australian outback creates an unforgiving setting as two drifters stumble across an enormous gold nugget – so vast it disappears deep below the surface.

An undetermined dystopian future and Zac Efron (The Greatest Showman, Hairspray) has arranged a lift across the desert with Anthony Hayes (Animal Kingdom, The Rover). A rough journey of several days lies ahead. But a breakdown leads to unexpected potential riches. One needs to stay, the other drive on to return with digging equipment. It’s Efron left to survive the terrors of the desert.

A lack of gravitas undermines a story of survival and greed as the unnamed Efron is left to contend with the merciless sun, raging thirst, boredom, wolves, hallucinations – and a third drifter (Susie Porter – Cargo, Ladies in Black) who will not go away. Outcomes are predictable in the Anthony Hayes-helmed feature (Ten Empty, New Skin) where all concerned try hard in this bleak tale but which ultimately fails to shine.

Rating: 44%


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