‘Written on the Wind’

A splendid melodrama from director Douglas Sirk (Magnificent Obsession, Imitation of Life), Written on the Wind pits privilege against honour, desire against jealousy.

Wealthy siblings Kyle (Robert Stack – To Be Or Not To Be, The High & the Mighty) and Marylee Hadley (Dorothy Malone – The Big Sleep, Basic Instinct) are used to getting what they want, no questions asked. Marylee has had her eye on Kyle’s best friend, Mitch (Rock Hudson – Pillow Talk, Giant) since they were kids together. But he’s just not interested. When Kyle enters into a whirlwind marriage with Lucy Moore (Lauren Bacall – The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not), the dynamics in the Texan mansion turn – with tragedy the inevitable outcome.

An on-the-surface slush of a 1950s melodrama, Written on the Wind is a compulsive exploration of strong sexual desire, both male and female, contained within a seeming soapy narrative.

Nominated for 3 Oscars in 1957 including supporting actor (Stack) and original song, won 1 for best supporting actress (Malone).

Rating: 69%


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