From a fringe Chicago stage musical to global sensation that catapaulted Olivia Newton John into superstardom, Grease is a feelgood 1950s-set school rom com as final year students end the innocence of their school days.

An age-old story of boy-meets-girl over the summer holidays with the sad expectation of never seeing each other again: Sandy is due to return to Australia. Back at school, the now leather-clad greaser Danny Zucker (John Travolta in his follow-up to Saturday Night Fever) struts his stuff in front of his T-Birds gang – only to be side-swiped by the arrival of new girl, a fresh Sandy Dee. A change of plans has seen her stay in LA. In love with a cheer-leader just ain’t Danny’s style.

Lots of tough love from Rizzo (a fabulous Stockard Channing – Six Degrees of Separation, TV’s The West Wing) and girls talk, particularly with best friend, the dizzie Frenchy (Didi Conn – TV’s Benson, Shining Time Station), Grease is the ultimate all-singing, all-dancing coming-of-age tale chocked full of memorable songs including Hopelessly Devoted To You, Grease Lightning and the iconic You’re the One That I Want as Sandy and Tony adapt to be with each other.

Nominated for the 1979 best original song Oscar (Hopelessly Devoted To You).

Rating: 71%


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