‘The Secret In Their Eyes’

A solid police procedural narrative unfolding over many years, the rape and murder of a recently married young woman continues to haunt criminal investigator Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin – Everybody Knows, Truman) long after his retirement.

Interweaving past and present investigations, Esposito refuses to let go, persuading his boss Irene Hastings (Soledad Villamil – El mismo amor la misma lluvia, Un oso rojo) to reopen the case. Political ramifications are at play that lead to tragedy and unexpected results as personal emotions between Esposito and Hastings are kept in check.

An unexpected Oscar for best foreign language film (becoming only the second Argentinian film to win the award), beating out the acclaimed front runners A Prophet (France) and The White Ribbon (Austria), The Secret in Their Eyes, written and directed by Juan José Campanella (El hijo de la novia, El cuento de las comadrejas) is elegant, subdued and engrossing.

Winner of the 2010 Oscar for best foreign language film.

Rating: 73%

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