‘Wonder Woman 1984’

No surprises here as Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious) picks up where she left off to protect mankind. Only now Diana Prince finds herself in 1980s Washington D.C., yearning for the lost love of First World War pilot, Chris Pine (Star Trek, Hell Or High Water).

The arrival of an ancient artefact at the Smithsonian forces Diana to snap out of her reverie as failed businessman Pedro Pascal (Triple Frontier, The Great Wall), in his desire for power and extreme wealth, steals the stone. Granting any wish, but at a price, the theft sees the world heading for total destruction. With the return of Pine her wish, Diana’s powers are sapped – at the very time museum colleague Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, Where’d You Go Bernadette?) takes on Wonder Woman’s attributes – and more.

It’s all somewhat predictable – even if a little slow as the ramifications of wishes being granted build, initially, slowly. It’s only when politcians start asking for more nukes (it is 1984 after all) that things start to get out of hand. Alongside the beautifully filmed prologue and the clash of female power as the narrative builds to its crescendo, it’s Gadot herself who provides the film’s presence and self-possession. The rest is brash and overly long hokum from director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman, Monster).

Rating: 50%

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