‘Sons & Lovers’

Early British social realism, the adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s novel, directed by Jack Cardiff (The Long Ships, The Girl on the Motorcycle), is a gritty family drama set in a Nottingham mining village.

Dreaming of study and art school, Paul Morel (Dean Stockwell – Paris Texas, Married to the Mob) is supported by his long-suffering mother, Wendy Hiller (Separate Tables, Pygmalion). His drunk of a father (a maginificent Trevor Howard – The Third Man, Ryan’s Daughter) is a different matter, expecting his sons to follow him down the mine. When the eldest is killed in a pit accident, more pressure is placed on Paul – just as he becomes involved in a married woman – Mary Ure (Look Back in Anger, Where Angels Dare).

Stunningly shot (cinematographer Freddie Francis – The Elephant Man, Glory), the semi-autobiographical Sons & Lovers is an intense, dramatic intergenerational conflict with powerful and empathic performances.

Nominated for 7 Oscars in 1961 (including best film, director, actor (Howard), supporting actress (Ure), adapted screenplay – won 1 for best black & white cinematography.

Rating: 77%


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